Interview with Vladimir Sushkov

By Ants Soosõrv, 2001

How are you satisfied with your result and your games?
I did nothing extraordinary, but at the same time tried to play safe and to do no foolish things. I'm satisfied with my result, but I did not think about result before the tournament and that proved to be of use. And not one game made a deep Vladimir Sushkov is on the photo with a legendary Japanese renju-player Yoshizawa. Vladimir described meeting him as the impression on me (as opposed to the game with, for example, Ants on the previous WC).

What do you think of the fantastic result of Ando?
Mr Hayakawa did not participate, so there was no man to beat him. To be serious, I think the result is quite just, taking in consideration the fact, that Ando is not only experienced and utterly good player, but he is still studying renju maybe more, than any participants of the final. (Hard to say about e-mail players)

What do you think are you able to beat him? Anybody else?
To beat Meritee one should be a strong and brave player, and also a bit lucky. I burned with desire to show that I was strong and brave on the championship, but while I was sleeping before the game with Ando, he found a victory in the variant, which I was going to play. That was unexpected and good lesson for me. Japan was represented not in the best way (only two players, and no Sagara, Kawamura, Nakamura, Yoshizawa(J)), the strongest Japan players can beat Ando sometimes, I think.

Did like that women tournament was in same hall with us?
I got no negative emotions from that fact.

How did you like Kyoto?
I liked it, because before the tournament I did not expect, that Kyoto is such a big city. Moreover Kyoto is a mild, warm and ancient town and I met a lot of good people there.

What are your future plans? For example , will you plan to play team WC and EC?
EC will not be soon. As for team WC, I would like to go there, if I have opportunity, i.e. I'm not in Germany or busy. As I know, it will be held in Sweden, but I have never been to this renju-country. Moreover, I retain very positive recollections of the previous team WC, where I was enchanted with the team spirit, what was quite new for me. As for my other plans, I'm not quite decided, and I'll make my mind on the spot.