The 2nd Team Gomoku
World Championship

Płock 11-17 August 2018

About Team Gomoku Championships

Team Gomoku World Championships is held every second year since 2016. Previously the Team Gomoku Championship has taken place in Estonia. The second Team Gomoku World Championship event will take place in Płock, Poland.

Team Gomoku European Championships has taken place in the following countries: 1992 - Ukraine, 2012 – Hungary, 2014 – Czech Republic.

The purpose of Team World Championship is to determine the strongest gomoku country in the World, who will get the title of Team World Champion.



TGWC 2018 Regulations

Accommodation & Tournament Hall



TGWC 2018 Results


Application means consent to the processing of personal data by the organizers (including processing for administrative purposes, publication of results). Participation in the event is tantamount to consenting to the unpaid use of the image by the organizers (including photos, videos).


Tournament fee

Each team entry fee of 120 Euro.

Thinking time

Thinking time for each player is 2 hours plus 30 seconds per move (Fischer).

Accommodation & Tournament Hall

The tournament hall and accommodation are located at Hotel Płock (, which is situated in Płock, a historical capital of Poland, located about 100 km from Warsaw.

The hotel is in the very centre of the city, 50 m from a bus stop and about 1,5 km from the main bus and train station (there is no airport in Płock, thus you can get there by car, bus or train). There are shops and restaurants near the hotel, and also the old town is less than 1 km away.

How to get from Warsaw Chopin Airport to Hotel Płock?

Use public transport (a bus, an urban train) from Warsaw Chopin Airport to The Parade Square (link). Then take a bus from Parade Square to Płock (link, check Warszawa, Pl. Defilad - PŁOCK, Jachowicza 40). Finally go by foot from Jachowicza 40 to Hotel Płock (link).


11.08. 18:00 - Opening Ceremony

12.08. 09:45 – 1st round (Russia II-Russia III, Czech Republic I-Czech Republic II, Team International-Russia I, Poland-Estonia, Hungary-Czech Republic III)

12.08. 16:15 – 2nd round (Russia I-Russia II, Czech Republic II-Czech Republic III, Russia III-Poland,

Team International-Hungary, Estonia-Czech Republic I)

13.08. 09:15 – 3rd round (Russia III-Russia I, Czech Republic III-Czech Republic I, Hungary-Russia II, Poland-Czech Republic II,

Estonia-Team International)

13.08. 15:45 – 4th round (Czech Republic II-Russia I, Czech Republic I-Team International, Russia II-Poland, Hungary-Russia III,

Czech Republic III-Estonia)

14.08. 09:15 – 5th round (Russia I-Czech Republic III, Czech Republic I-Russia II, Team International-Poland, Estonia-Hungary,

Russia III-Czech Republic II)

14.08. 15:45 – 6th round (Russia I-Estonia, Russia III-Czech Republic I, Poland-Czech Republic III, Hungary-Czech Republic II, Russia II-Team International)

15.08. Gomoku Committee discussion

16.08. 09:15 – 7th round (Poland-Russia I, Czech Republic I-Hungary, Czech Republic III-Russia II, Team International-Russia III,

Czech Republic II-Estonia)

16.08. 15:45 – 8th round (Russia I-Czech Republic I, Hungary-Poland, Estonia-Russia II, Russia III-Czech Republic III,

Czech Republic II-Team International)

17.08. 09:15 – 9th round (Russia I-Hungary, Czech Republic I-Poland, Estonia-Russia III, Russia II-Czech Republic II,

Czech Republic III-Team International)

17.08. 16:00 – Closing Ceremon




Paweł Tarasiński (Tournament Director )

Piotr Małowiejski (Tournament Director Assistant )


Tournament Director – Paweł Tarasiński,,

Tournament Director Assistant – Piotr Małowiejski,,


Paweł Tarasiński, Madli Mirme

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