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gomoku / renju files

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or download for RenLib , for Yixin *

Place the sequence of moves above (including Yixin getpos)
and click (Example: h8i9i7g9j7j9h9h7i8)

Author: alicecooper   © PSGRiP

  • Convert various files to save for renlib & yixin
  • Read from sities:,,,,
  • Read from programs: fiver, piskvork, renlib, solver, yixin
  • Save for: renlib (".txt" file), yixin (".sav" file)
  1. files are usually saved to "Downloads" folder (with prefix "al-")
  2. you can add your own stones and save too (even from scratch)
  3. you can copy the text from the box and use "putpos"+"text" in yixin
  4. this applet works in standalone, offline mode! - just save the page
  5. this applet works on phones and tablets too **
    * some browsers block the save button - then you can use the link
    ** with android / browsers limitations - try chrome
To open and read files, first:
  1. save the page with game from gomokuworld (with ".htm" extension)
  2. save the game from kurnik/playok as ".txt"
  3. save the game from piskvorky as ".bdt"
  4. copy the game from and save it manually in the ".rif" file
  5. copy the game from and save it manually in the ".su" file
  6. use fiver's ".lws" file
  7. use the ".psq" file from piskvork
  8. use the ".txt" file from renlib (File->Save Position As->Text game)
  9. use the ".txt" file from solver (File->Save as->.txt)
  10. use the ".sav" file from yixin

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